Issue 1

Time is limited

Work would be faster if I could create design samples while checking the feel of the materials.

Mofrelsolves these issues!

Time required for creating samples is greatly reduced.
Printing is complete in just a few minutes.

  • The print time for 1 sheet is 3 to 6 minutes.
    *The print time depends on the data content.
  • When color variation is required, different color samples can be easily created just by revising the design data. Changing the design sample data also makes immediate revisions possible.

The printer makes it possible to express even minute color variations.

  • The ink jet printer's reproducibility enables even minute color variations to be expressed exactly as the actual product is envisioned.

“2.5D Technology” solves these issues

Issue 2

Budget is tight

I want to create and examine multiple design samples, but budget constraints make that difficult.

Mofrelsolves these issues!

Printing means low costs.
Various surface irregularities are reproduced realistically.

  • The texture and feel of materials such as leather and fibers which are difficult to express can be reproduced realistically.
  • Greatly varying irregularities such as seams and mesh can also be reproduced.
  • Curves with irregularities that are difficult to create manually can be reproduced.
    E.g., Leather car seat covers, maps/guides of facilities, product packages, uneven wallpaper, bags and clothing materials, etc.

“2.5D Technology” solves these issues

Issue 3

Management is complex

It would be good to be able to uniformly manage design data such as color, material texture and CAD data.

Mofrelsolves these issues!

A management system revolution.
Information which was previously scattered can now be managed uniformly.

  • Individually managed data such as diagrams, colors, and materials feel can be collated all in one.
    Quality checks, reproduction, and variety rollouts can be smoothly conducted. Mofrel also contributes to the sharing of information with other sections and overseas, which improves quality control.
  • Simple having 2.5D printer data enables printing at any time, so there is no need to store materials or molds.

2.5D printing technology mechanism

"Mofrel" is a completely new 2.5D print technology that can bring out extremely fine variations on paper. As the printer can create design samples without using actual materials, it makes previously required tasks such as gathering materials, molding, and sewing unnecessary.

2.5D printing technology